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Prodyne 805B Thick Beech wood Cheese Slicer


Prodyne Cheese Slicer - Bamboo in Cheese Serving

The Beechwood has a natural oil finish giving it a sophisticated look for all occassions. It's good to wash the tray with a mild detergent and water to maintain it over time. For home hosts or events, great for years of entertaining and serving use!

This party perfect Beechwood Cheese Slicer/Server Tray has a convenient recessed cracker well for entertaining. The stainless steel cutting wire sinks easily into even the hardest cheese, to guarantee a perfect slice, thick or thin, every time. As with all prodyne cheese slicers, the wire is replaceable and has a lifetime warranty against breakage. Board measures 12” x 9 ½”, has non-slip rubber feet and comes in a full color box.

The original Prodyne Gourmet Cheese Slicer had a wooden board with a slot cut into it and a hole through which one end of a U-shaped steel cutting arm was inserted. In the patented design, a stainless steel extends between the two ends of the cutting arm fit into the slot, and cuts the cheese. The wire has loops at each end; one loop is around the steel cutting arm in the slot, while the other passes around a metal pin though a plastic handle on the other end of the cutting arm. The plastic handle rotates upward to tighten the wire, and is secured to the cutting arm with a screw.

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