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Prodyne Cheese Slicer/Tray with Cracker Well


Prodyne Cheese Slicer - Bamboo in Cheese Serving

Prodyne Beechwood Cheese Tray (w/ Cracker Well & Slicer)
The Prodyne Beechwood Cheese Tray is a solid, select cut of beechwood measuring 12" x 9.5" and featuring an integrated cutting wire and a recessed well for crackers and other complementary foods. The contoured design fits comfortably on the lap for individual use, and makes an inviting presentation platter for parties and entertaining events. Rubber feet on the unit's bottom prevent slipping and sliding, making the Beechwood Cheese Tray just at home on a pontoon boat as on a poker table.

The Prodyne Beechwood Cheese Tray's cutting wire is made of stainless steel, is replaceable, and is backed by a lifetime warranty through the manufacturer.

Prodyne Beechwood Cheese Tray Features:

The original Prodyne Gourmet Cheese Slicer had a wooden board with a slot cut into it and a hole through which one end of a U-shaped steel cutting arm was inserted. In the patented design, a stainless steel extends between the two ends of the cutting arm fit into the slot, and cuts the cheese. The wire has loops at each end; one loop is around the steel cutting arm in the slot, while the other passes around a metal pin though a plastic handle on the other end of the cutting arm. The plastic handle rotates upward to tighten the wire, and is secured to the cutting arm with a screw.

Prodyne Cheese Slicer • Butcher Block Beechwood

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