Prodyne Iced Pitcher - Clear (3.25 Quart)

Prodyne Server On IceTray, 3-Piece Set


Prodyne Acrylic Iced Pitcher - BPA Free - Everything Kitchens

Prodyne ICED Martini Glass (Set of 2) Dimensions: 7.25 x 10 x 10 inches
Prodyne ICED Martini Glass (Set of 2) Shipping Weight: 10 ounces

Prodyne ICED Martini Glass (Set of 2)
This set of 2 martini glasses comes from Prodyne's ICED line of drinkware. Each 10-ounce glass features a double-walled design containing a sealed, re-freezable liquid, eliminating the need for ice cubes in your cocktail: to freeze, simply place the glasses upside-down in a freezer for an hour prior to serving. The Prodyne ICED Martini Glasses are made of break-resistant, non-toxic, clear acrylic and measure approximately 7.25" tall by 4.75" wide.

Prodyne ICED Martini Glass (Set of 2) Features:

Prodyne Iced Dip Serving Bowl IC-6 - Everything Kitchens

  • Prodyne ICED Pitcher

  • Clear acrylic

  • White lid and handle accents

  • Solid ice freezer core screws into lid

  • No dilution from melting ice cubes

  • Ice core may be frozen repeatedly without refilling

  • BPA free

  • Hand wash

Prodyne Iced Dip and Condiment Server

Prodyne Iced Serving Bowl

Putting cubed or crushed ice with water into the bottom of the serving bowl and allowing the top of the serving bowl to rest on it, will keep your dips, sauces, or condiments cool for hours. The Stainless steel serving bowl comes with a snap on lid for saving the leftovers. This Prodyne serving bowl is what your salsa needs to stay chilled.

Prodyne Iced Serving Bowl Features:

Prodyne Iced Acrylic Pitcher

The Prodyne Iced Pitcher will keep any your favorite pre-chilled beverage cold for hours! The solid frozen core of the Iced Pitcher can be frozen and refrozen time and time again to save you time! Not only does your drink stay chilled in the Prodyne Iced pitcher it also won't get watered down as the ice core melts. Your iced tea will stay strong and flavorful while staying chilled in this Prodyne Iced pitcher!

Prodyne Iced Acrylic Pitcher (IP-104-C) Features: