Kammok Python Strap Hammock Suspension System, Stone Gray

Kammok® Python Straps - Hammock Suspension System


Kammok: Python Straps | Shoulders of Giants

Why I switched to Dutch Cinch Buckles from Kammok Python Straps as my primary hammock suspension system.

Cinch Buckle Hammock Suspension System:
2 Dutch Clips
2 Dutch cinch Buckles
2 15 foot 1 inch webbing straps
2 7/64" Amsteel loops for connection to Hennessy Hammock (Dutch sells slightly longer loops for use with Hennessy Hammocks or shorter ones for all others, so make sure to choose accordingly)
Total Weight: 10.5 ounces

Kammock Python Straps Hammock Suspension System:
2 10 foot Kammock Python Straps
2 Black Diamond Neutrino Climbing Carabiners
Total Weight: 14.5 ounces

Kammock Python Straps Hammock Suspension is a daisy chain that loops around the tree & you hook in at the appropriate loop to give you the right height. Not the lightest way to hang but by far the most simple way to hang......in my opinion. I believe Eagles Nest is now making a version of these as well.

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