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Sifflus (Shifurasu) self-supporting portable hammock swaying A-1 WH SFF-01-WH WH



Here is the self supporting tripod hammock stand that I just finished. Once the stand is completed, it only takes about 5 minutes (longer the first few times) to set up. I decided it was mission critical to be able to hang up a hammock or two, because it was scorching last year. Since EMT conduit comes in 10 foot sections, this is pretty wasteful. A 24 foot dome is even worse with 7. They are strong enough to stand up to high winds.

A more particular object is to provide a collapsible, selfsupporting hammock wherein the supporting framework is fabricated of stock metal tubular and angle iron parts and miscellaneous common hardware items for strength and economy of manufacture, the framework comprising a pair of base members centrally hinged and having, swingably mounted at their outer ends, upwardly extensible hammock support members, the hammock support members being foldable down against their respective base members, and the base members being foldable double against themselves to provide a compact unit for easy storage and portability.

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