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Hammock stand made of powder-coated steel pipes and integrated castors for quick movement of the stand. The La Siesta Adjustable Hammock Stand is adjustable in height and length, thus accommodating your hammock perfectly.

Hammock chair for children Iri is made of pure, highest-quality cotton. It is from Colombia, where hammocks have always been part of the cultural heritage. Doubled weft threads provide a high degree of tearproofness for the selvage. The spreader bars are made of wood from well-managed forests (FSC®). La Siesta hammock chairs provide an integrated safety swivel, which makes the product more robust and ensures a safe turning and rotating in the chair. Thanks to the soft swinging that hammock chairs for children provide, your child's sense of balance is promoted as well as the general development. La Siesta hammock chairs for children are recommended by the Federal German Association for the Promotion of Posture and Physical Exercise (BAG).

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    @Mike Hi Mike, Ryan from The Grommet Discovery Team here, thanks for your comment. One attribute of the La Siesta Hammock Chair that I found appealing in testing is the consistency in the fabric. Unlike a hammock that has the fish net/crossed rope design, the Hammock Chair is the weaved fabric that provides the added comfort and support.

    Hammock chair Basic Orqidea purple is made of pure, top-quality cotton. Its gorgeous colors are like a wonderful floral arrangement for your balcony or patio. This hammock chair is from Colombia, where hammocks have always been an important part of life. To provide many enjoyable years of usage with your peaceful La Siesta oasis, this hammock chair is equipped with a tear proof selvage, which is created by doubling the weft threads. Additionally, a distinct amount of suspension cords ensures an even distribution of the body weight. The spreader bar is made of top-grade wood sourced from responsibly managed forests (FSC ®). A special characteristic of La Siesta hammock chairs are their integrated safety swivels. They enable a safe rotation of your hammock chair while making the chairs more durable. Hammock, but in a seated position! Suspended from the ceiling, a beam or branch, hammock chairs are a highlight for your living environment, inside as well as outside.