Single Point Rope Hammock Chair

Mayan Hammock Chair by Krazy Outdoors - Large Hanging Swing Chair Cotton Rope Construction - Comfortable, Lightweight, Includes Wood Bar - Perfect for Yard and Patio (Mocha Brown)


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Aerial Hammocks can be available in both Single Point or Double Points. TYS™ offers both and they are specifically designed for Yoga. Single Point Aerial Hammocks are more versatile since they move easily in all direction, giving you a sense of freedom in your movement. Double Point Hammocks offer a predictable forward and backward movement. They also have less compression against your side body. Single Point Hammocks are better suited for various styles of Aerial practice such as Aerial Yoga and Aerial Dance.

Some studios prefer the single point Hammock. This reduces the need for 2 mounting points. However, it is slightly less easy to get into and it will spin. We recommend always using a swivel for Single Point Aerial Yoga Hammocks. If you are planning on doing aerial dance and want to incorporate choreography that includes spinning, then the Single Point Aerial Hammock is for you.

years i am now the proud owner of a single point hammock and i couldn


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I've got one of those single point wall hammocks, orange nylon with black straps, the tag has a little green tree on it, fm? cm? As if new, never used as far as I know.

want it? want to trade? Lemme know. Thanks!

What is the difference between the Hammocks