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Good morning Seth. Thank you for sharing all your hammock wisdom. I am converting from traditional mattress bed to a hammock. After having such great success alleviating discomfort for an arthritic dog after purchasing a raised bed with a slightly flexible material I realized that would probably be a fabulous way for me to sleep. Thus my quest for a sleeping hammock. Question for today….is it better to hang a hammock than use a stand? Why? Thank you 😉

The Double is extremely comfortable for a guy your size and will work great as a full time sleeping hammock. The material is much more durable than a cotton hammock and will last much longer with full time use. Let me know if you have any more questions!


Includes delivery charge in SA. 

Sturdy UNIQUE wooden hammock stand , made from  Balau wood - includes removable sleeping hammock. The portable hammock stand is flat packed in a bag. The wooden lounger is easy to assemble, includes simple instructions and is very stable, strong and hardwearing. The hammock stand handles uneven surfaces eg. rough lawns and soft beach sand. The extra large hammock is extremely strong and durable and easily removed for washing. The most comfortable sleeping hammock around.

The removable hammock is available in  many colours such as rust, green, cream, blue, and purple. However contact us and check what other colours we have in stock if this is a rush gift.

Allow 10-14 working days (max) for delivery. (unless we have in stock). Weight of stand 16kg, length 2.5m. Able to withstand up to 240kg.

Comes flat packed in a bag (packed dimensions are 1.4m x 0.2m x 0.15m - like a long shoe box).

Easy to assemble
Very stable and strong.

Handles uneven surfaces eg. rough lawns and soft beach sand etc.

Perfect for guest lodges and hotels.
Hammock is easily removed for washing.

Sleep in it overnight.

Take it camping. Ideal for caravaning.


The the best & most comfortable hammock around - a quality product.






The Hammock Angle: The Secret To Sleeping In A Hammock

Over 20 years ago I switched from a mattress to a futon because of back pain. This worked, for some reason until 3 years ago when again, more extreme back pain lead me to Google where I found some were sleeping on Hammocks. I discovered all the benefit of a hammock. I’m so glad I’m open minded because it has saved me from sleepless, uncomfortable nights! Yes, no tossing or turning! Yes to no pain! I’m about to turn 56 and people can’t believe I dumped my bed. My hammock hangs in my living work/work/studio and during the day I velcro-strap it to the wall. The bedroom is now my home theater music room.

Hey there… hope all is well. I am planning on putting a hammock up for sleeping full time in my bedroom due to lack of room and the fact that I love hammocks… drums and a gym, Was wondering if you could recommend a fun time sleeping hammock. I’m currently looking at LA SIESTA – Brazilian Organic Double Hammock COPA furia roja by LA SIESTA on Amazon. Would this work comfortably for a 6′, 215lb guy? Thanks a bunch.