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SnoozePal Cat Hammock - Speelgoed, Meubels en Kittens

I have 3 babies, and they all LOVE the SnoozePal cat hammock!! Not only do they love sleeping on the hammock itself, but the top of the box provides another lounging surface. I'm extremely happy with this purchase, and have recommended to others.

All four of my cats love the SnoozePal cat hammock. I also have the original wood-frame one, but my oldest took it over and the others always wanted to use it. When I saw you came out with the SnoozePal I had to get it so the other cats could have a hammock too. They use it all the time and even chase each other out of it so they can have it.

SnoozePal Cat Hammock-in-a-Box BONUS GIVEAWAY

  • New/improved SnoozePal cat hammock box with added reinforcement to give extra support to those cats who like to perch on top of the box
  • CatAbove Snoozepal Hammock - The Pampered Pet Mart

    - Brandi, New Boston, NHWe got the SnoozePal Cat Hammock for our young adult cat, Abby. She hasn’t done any snoozing in there yet, but she loves the vantage point the SnoozePal offers for keeping up with the goings-on of the rest of the household.

    My cats love the SnoozePal Cat Hammock-in-a-Box. Sometimes there will be one cat in the hammock and one sleeping on top of the box. I would recommend it to any cat owner.