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Best Choice Products Hammock 59" Cotton Double Wide Solid Wood Spreader Outdoor Patio Yard Hammock


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When putting your Spreader Bar hammocks up, try to ensure that the height of the suspension of the hammock is about one half of the length of the hammock when it is stretched out. So if your hammock measures 3 metres you need to ensure the hammock is fitted at least 1.5cm high, this will provide maximum comfort whilst you are in the hammocks with spreader poles and also ensure it is easy to climb in and out of the hammock. The height also determines what height you are comfortable getting into the hammock. The best way to get onto a hammock, is to place your hands behind you and carefully ease yourself in, and then bring your legs up. For optimum comfort try and lie in your hammock at a 45 degree angle, this provides the most support to the arch of your back and neck. Ensuring the hammock has a sag in the centre also helps restrict the ability of the hammock to spin. If your hammock is spinning this probably means it is too taut.

Hammocks with spreader poles are traditionally more sustainable than hammocks without spreader bars. This is due to the organic cotton rubbing less with both your body as well as with the other organic cotton threads. Spreader bar hammocks have a sensual swing. The spreader bars in the hammock causes the hammock to swing a little more than traditional Central American hammocks.

to view our full range of spreader hammocks.

Hanging your Spreader Bar Hammock

TouCan Hammocks wooden spreader poles are a work of art in themselves. The hammock wooden spreader poles are made from the finest Guanacaste or Cedar wood. The Guanacaste wood and cedar wood are locally and ethically sourced. The spreader bars in hammocks are designed to stretch the organic cotton, preventing the cotton hammock from wrapping around your body whilst you relax and unwind. The spreader bar hammocks allow a more intricate knot system which can help distribute weight more evenly across the hammock with spreader bars and thus these types of hammocks are perfect for one or more people. Hammocks with spreader bars traditionally occupy more space than a standard hammock and are a European twist on the classic Central American Hammocks. With traditional hammocks the most comfortable position to lie in the hammock, is diagonally, this allows the body to stretch out and prevents the hammock from wrapping around the body. Hammocks with spreader bars ensure the cotton is always stretched out allowing for a more comfortable experience and the ability to lie straight centrally. Spreader Pole Hammocks ensure you can look around and swing in the hammock until your heart is content, without being restricted by the material.

Amazonas Tobago Spreader Hammock: The Amazonas Tobago Spreader Hammock is a traditional European single hammock, the un-dyed Tobago is one of our best value hammocks at Garden Chic and is designed for lying lengthways, perfect for catching some sun or reading a book. The Amazonas Tobago Spreader Hammock is made from the highest quality thread and is flexible, the spreader bar is 1.4m x 0.8m and provides extra support to help you feel secure whilst lying in the hammock/ Amazonas Tobago Spreader Hammock is simply great value for money and will provide hours of relaxation.