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"7th Heaven" Premium Parachute Silk Camping Portable HAMMOCK SET, Free Straps, Doublenest 400lbs Strong, Lightweight, Fast & Easy Setup. Includes Straps & Carabiners, Indoor&Outdoor Use, Portable Bed


3 Ways to Make a Hammock - wikiHow

By the by ... if your branch or pole is slightly bent, every row of knots should have the same slight irregularity until you stretch the hammock straight at the bottom.

Yablonina's features two semi-autonomous bots working together to distribute thread. They climb walls using suction and sensing technology, and can construct a hammock-like web strong enough to support a person. Yablonina developed the project as part of her grad program at the University of Stuttgart's Institute for Computational Design.

How To Hang Your Hammock: The Complete Guide

  • Features:
    • EVERYTHING YOU NEED IN ONE BUNDLE - Hammock - Mosquito Net - Tree Straps -Carabiner - Stuff Sack - Net Suspension
    • STRONG LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN - Hold up to 400lb in this hammock. Made from the best material available. 210 ripstop nylon with triple stitching. Dimensions: (L x W) 9'5" x 4'7" With full length zipper.
    • FREE TREE STRAPS - Lightweight strong 500lb limit each. 9ft Long and looped on each end for quick and easy set up. Sleep well knowing you have the better grip on the tree with straps.
    • ELASTIC MOSQUITO NET SUSPENSION - Designed to give the mosquito net plenty of give as to not tear it over the years.
    • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - We have designed and built these hammocks to last. We offer a 6 month money back guarantee!

    Includes Everything You Need To Start Backpacking, Camping , Or Just Relaxing In The Backyard!

    Premium Designed Hammock - Built To Last
    • Strong hammock designed to hold 1 person up to 400lb
    • Strong and lightweight 210 ripstop nylon
    • triple stitching for strong seams
    • Carabiner holds up to 770lb
    • FREE strong 500lb limit lightweight tree straps
    • Elastic suspension cord for netting.
    • Hammock is 9.5 feet long by 4.7 feet wide
    • Mesh mosquito net
    • Suspension loops for mosquito net are tree strap material. Designed to hold.
    • Only 1.7lb including everything - Hammock - Rope - Mosquito Net - Carabiner - Tree Straps -Elastic Suspension Cord.
    • Stuff sack included and attached to hammock.
    • Multiple uses - While designed for backpacking and camping you could always use it in the backyard as well. You can even turn the hammock upside down to not use the mosquito net.

    Strong and Lightweight - Designed To Last - 6 Month Guarantee

Hammock Brainwashed - Trek Life

I would give this a 10 out of 10 for how strong it is. It says only holds 250 lbs but I weigh 200 and my friend weighs 215 and we both sat on it to test it and was fine. I don't recommend trying it yourself but if your worried about it breaking don't be. The straps are extremely strong and the reason this pack is a little heavier but you know your getting a strong hammock you can trust.

Given her fascination with weird locomotion and robotics, I expect she's not done weaving webs quite yet. Meanwhile, check out her bots collaborating on a super-strong woven hammock here: