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How To Hang Your Hammock: The Complete Guide

When there are no trees to hang a hammock, what do you do? While waiting for the ground breaking ceremony to begin at the Sariaya Church building site, Sir XP found a hammock strung up inside of the temporary caretaker "house". The frame for the tarpaulin roof and side walls is not strong enough to support a hammock. So by "planting" a stout branch in the ground and then driving a stake a short distance away the workers strung a rope up and over the branch from the stake and across the top to a matching branch and stake on the other side. From this the hammock was strung. I thought it was a very ingenious system to be able to use a hammock where there was no natural supports.

When it comes to hanging hammock chairs one needs only one support above rather than two so this makes it a little more convenient. You could simply find a beam in the ceiling of your house and fasten it with a heavy duty lag eye bolt or if you want to hang it outside you can easily hang it off of any stable tree branch. If there is not a suitable tree branch or if you don't feel comfortable putting a bolt in your ceiling then there are many hammock chair stands that would work just fine. There are many unique styles of hammock chair stands to choose from, ranging from a typical C style frame, to a portable hammock stand in the shape of a tripod. The portable hammock stand will usually be a lightweight material such as aluminum as to provide easy transport. This particular hammock chair stand can weigh as little as 11 pounds and collapses nicely into a convenient carrying case. Then of course there is are double that support two hammock chairs on the back of a truck or car. They attach to the trailer hitch of almost any vehicle.

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  • The tree must be strong enough. Trees 6" in diameter are usually strong enough to support a hammocker. Make sure the tree is alive and there are no widow-makers nearby. Some trail shelters are capable of supporting a hammocker...others are not. People have torn door frames out of their homes, pulled their walls out of square and ripped garage door supports from the ceiling by hanging their hammocks from them. Learn from their mistakes.
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    This support for hammock is a typical product of “Made in Italy”, probably the most copied brand on the market. Unfortunately, during the last years, this support for hammock has been object of importations from the Eastern countries: supports for hammocks that arrive from this countries have a remarkable lower quality, aiming at dropping prices as much as possible.

    There are currently a wide variety of hammocks available. There are hammocks that are designed specifically for and include netting along with pockets for nighttime storage. There are hammocks made out of thin and lightweight material which makes them ideal for taking on daytrips. Other hammocks include self-standing or structures that support the hammock. Given that hammocks are commonly similar lengths to accommodate for an average adult's height, most hammock stands are universal in design, typically featuring a spreader bar that runs along the ground, feet for stability at each end, and a diagonal arm at each end to provide two hanging points. Although they are usually bought premade, it is also possible to make your own hammock.