Hennessy Hammock - Survivor Woodland Camo Zip

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Learning a few tips and tricks for your will make sure your get the sleep you are looking for while camping in the wilderness. After spending countless nights sleeping in my hammock I can tell you there are some things you must consider if you want to get some rest and get the most out of your survival hammock.

Sleep is one of the most underrated aspects of emergency preparedness and it’s still overlooked in many survival scenarios. If you are prepping for an emergency situation or if you are camping often, a survival hammock is probably the best option for your sleeping preparations.

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I know a tent has it's perks. You can move around, read a book, you have space, but, you also have to carry a mat, or get used to a rock in your back.

So how about a survival hammock? I've seen a few online, so I wanted to get your advice.

Do any of the vendors here sell them? Do any of you guys use them?

I imagine they are leagues lighter and a lot more comfortable then your standard triangle tent.

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If you are searching for a durable, yet lightweight option, you can’t beat this survival camping hammock. Overall, its many features and compact-ability make it a great shelter alternative for your next camping trip or survival situation.

The survival hammock serves a great elevated shelter, and when it comes to mosquitoes and critters, this guy has you covered. I am severely allergic to mosquitoes and I am definitely not a huge fan of spiders, but I felt very comfortable with the protective layer of mesh mosquito netting.