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Foot hammock by Basic support - Black - Ergonomic adjustable feet rest for a comfortable utility foot stool under your office desk that you can fold-a-way


Portable Massage Table Hammock - EarthLite

So I made a tablecloth hammock for my wife today using the second method you show here. It turned out great. I’m surprised how big and wide and comfortable it is compared to my Hennessy. It’s so open. I think I’ll need to make a couple more of these.

What ever you want to call it, nothing will Aid tired Limbs more than a comfortable wilderness hammock chair to rest them in?

Guide Gear Portable Folding Hammock

  • Mike says:

    Very interesting video. What does that weigh ?

    • Derek says:

      The weight on a tablecloth hammock varies depending on the material you source. Generally, expect around 20 to 25 ounces.

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    Sitting on your chair in one position whole day is not possible; you often sit crossed legged or in stretched out legs position for making yourself more comfortable. Now, all thanks to Fuut Desk Foot Rest you won’t have to struggle into various sitting postures or pull out an extra chair for relaxing your feet. Fuut is basically an under-table hammock designed especially for your feet so you can sit back comfortably with your feet up. It is an idyllic accessory for anyone who spends lot of time working at a table.