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Crochet Teddy Bear Hammock - YouTube

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Thank you for this tutorial! I had a teddy hammock when I was a kid (pink and purple ropes) and have always wanted another for the accumulation of stuffed animals we’ve built over the years. This seems easy enough–even for a non-sewer like myself :-)

Crochet Teddy Bear Hammock Cro Knit Inspired Creations

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This is my first video...I hope it is clear enough...I had to hold the camera by myself & try to make this video...Some one had asked me how I made the teddy bear hammock I posted a picture of to my blog...This is how I do it...Hope this helps...Happy Crocheting...

One of my favourite things as a child was my teddy bears! I used to have teddy bear hammocks hanging in the corners of my wall in my bedroom full of teddy bears! All of the had names, and special meanings! I saved a lot of them for my kids and I know my kids adore all their teddy bears too so we will be doing something special for National Teddy Bear day! How will you celebrate?