The hammock, vacation of champions. Image from

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The hammock, vacation of champions

The Lawson is constructed like a traditional American spreader bar hammock using grommets and nettles to gather up the fabric on both ends. The pleated fabric on the ends does not create pockets for either the head or foot ends as the slack is taken up by center mass in the center of the hammock.

The Lawson is a gathered end hammock that uses a shortened (no full length) spreader bar and tent poles that help to spread out the fabric. It is not constructed to work like a bridge hammock, nor does it lay like one.

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snubber to the anchor chain and fastening the hammock to the forestay

The spreader-bar hammock is easily recognized by wooden or metal bars at the head and foot of the hammock, spreading its width and allowing for easy access for casual use, such as in a backyard. Unfortunately, the spreader bars also make the hammock unsteady since the metacenter of the hammock when sleeping is very high. This style is generally considered less stable and less comfortable for sleeping than other styles. A subset of this style is the single-spreader bar hammock, which uses a spreader bar on only one end and is much more stable. A variation of the single-spreader bar hammock has three attachment points, one at each corner of the spreader bar and one at the non-spreader bar end and is nearly untippable.

Imagine doing that on a generic gathered end hammock, except instead of gathering up or tying up the entire end, only tie off the corners and let the middle sag. This is a crude description if how a bridge hammock is constructed.