Name of Product: Infant and Toddler Hammocks

Rocking Hammock


When your baby is sleeping, so are you!!

We created these New Toddler Hammocks for the little ones who don't want to give up their baby hammocks when they begin to outgrow them. Our Toddler Hammocks are much larger and heavier than our baby hammocks and are designed for children weighing between 25 and 80 pounds. (While Our baby hammocks use the same spring, their size and design elements are intended for infants and small children weighing up to 35 pounds).

You can choose a Toddler Hammock from our normal inventory, shown below, or you can order a Custom Made Toddler Hammock using fabrics that you select and purchase. To order a custom made toddler hammock just send 5 yards of 100% cotton fabric along with 1 1/2 yards of a complimentary flannel to and we will make your hammock for you. Your custom made hammock will be delivered to you within 7 to 14 days after we receive your fabric.

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  • Step by Step Instruction

  • 2 X "S" Hooks

  • 1 X Wooden separator

  • 1 X Toddler Hammock**

  • 1 X Sponge Mattress

  • 1 X Spring Cover

  • 2 X Mattress Sheets

  • 1 X Stand (Frame)

  • 1 X Safety String

  • 1 X Travel Bag

When your baby is sleeping, so are you!!! - MamaLittleHelper

MamaLittleHelper's Toddler Hammock is uniquely designed to help babies and toddlers sleep better. Young babies feel foreign in this world since they have been living in mama's womb for over 9 months. MamaLittleHelper's toddler hammock mimics being in mama's womb: snuggled, safe and secure. According to an article, babies grow when they sleep. According to a research, 80% of this growth hormones is produce when your baby is sleeping. Therefore, "Your baby needs sleep to enable her body to produce those hormones". The toddler hammocks can be used by newborns all the way to 2-3 years old.

Parents can rest assure to gain back some sleep and perhaps much needed rest. MamaLittleHelper launched a new line of affordable infant, baby and toddler hammocks to make child-nurturing an easier process for mothers and fathers.