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Hammocks with spreader bars are perfect for both indoor and outdoor usage but the hammock should be protected from heavy rain where possible and brought inside or dried to ensure the organic cotton dries and excess moisture won’t damage your premium quality hammock with spreader bars. TouCan hammocks with spreader bars are made for your exact needs. In the event you need a slightly smaller or longer hammock to fit in with your needs, just let us know and we will happily make it for you. Everything is customisable with TouCan Hammocks, the only limit is your imagination.

TouCan Hammocks, doesn't just sell premium quality hammocks, it allows every one of us to make a difference. At Toucan Hammocks we pride ourselves on being different. We love the fact we are different, we embrace individuality and love making a real difference to other people’s lives. Our mantra is "Be different, Make a difference", all the materials are organic and eco-friendly, even down to the cotton dye. Your monies go directly to the incredible people who make the hammocks and in return you get a unique premium quality hammock that has been handmade just for you, even down to your individual design. TouCan Hammocks has been taking homeless children and members of society with disabilities off the streets, teaching them the skilled art of making luxurious hammocks, giving them shelter, an education and a fair salary.

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  • Ethically sourced Guanacaste and Cedar wood are used in TouCan Hammocks with spreader bars
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    All TouCan Hammocks are a work of art. Lovingly hand crafted and made from scratch just for you. TouCan Hammocks with spreader bars are a true sight to behold. Not only are they premium quality but the way the hammock lies even when not being used, is incredible. They are a real eye catcher and conversation piece and sure to the object of desire by everyone who lays their eyes upon them.

    TouCan Hammocks wooden spreader poles are a work of art in themselves. The hammock wooden spreader poles are made from the finest Guanacaste or Cedar wood. The Guanacaste wood and cedar wood are locally and ethically sourced. The spreader bars in hammocks are designed to stretch the organic cotton, preventing the cotton hammock from wrapping around your body whilst you relax and unwind. The spreader bar hammocks allow a more intricate knot system which can help distribute weight more evenly across the hammock with spreader bars and thus these types of hammocks are perfect for one or more people. Hammocks with spreader bars traditionally occupy more space than a standard hammock and are a European twist on the classic Central American Hammocks. With traditional hammocks the most comfortable position to lie in the hammock, is diagonally, this allows the body to stretch out and prevents the hammock from wrapping around the body. Hammocks with spreader bars ensure the cotton is always stretched out allowing for a more comfortable experience and the ability to lie straight centrally. Spreader Pole Hammocks ensure you can look around and swing in the hammock until your heart is content, without being restricted by the material.