Steel Trailer Hitch Hammock Chair Stand

Hammaka Trailer Hitch Stand & Cradle Chairs Set


Trailer Hitch Hammock Chair by Hammaka | HiConsumption

Portable hammocks have been a popular accessory this camping season, but the setup process can often be a bit complex. The team at Hammaka have introduced the perfect solution with their Trailer Hitch Hammock Chairs.

OMG can you say MUST HAVE! I can picture hubby and I using it at all kinds of tailgating events this year. We are planning on hitting a few outdoor concerts. What better place to max and relax in our dual trailer hitch hammock system than in the parking lot awaiting entrance to the concert.

Trailer Hitch Hammock Chair by Hammaka

  • Natalie Hartford says:

    Well…you know…this off the back of the Fry and Ride DOES sound like a plausibly wonderful idea! This I can see. This I could get behind! I like it…baby I like it a lot! LOL!!
    Tks for all the luv and support hubby – you rock! MUAH!

  • Jenny Hansen says:

    LOVE the portmanteau! And I am also curious about why you can’t just attach THIS to the back of the Fry and Ride??!!

    • Natalie Hartford says:

      I think that’s hubby’s plan now!! LOL!! Fry and Ride with a trailer hitch hammock! 🙂

  • patriciasands says:



Vintage Trailer Hammocks | National Serro Scotty Organization

Or how about using this at work during those gorgeous summer days!!! Happens all the time where I am at work, all stressed out and even more PISSED because there I sit at my computer for hours watching the gorgeous summer day pass me by. Well no more. Now I can park the truck, whip up my trailer hitch hammock and give new meaning to the words break time and lunch! I can totally picture myself catching some rays. Shoot, maybe the wireless would reach and I could actually work from my hammock chair?!?!? You know, a happy employee means a productive employee.

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