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Until then I had only been in those old school American styled rope hammocks. They hurt and dig into your back leaving that awful waffle print on your skin. Turns out the super compact and portable hammocks of today are made from soft and comfy parachute nylon, nothing like those uncomfortable cargo net style hammocks of old. They are extremely durable, lightweight and compact making them excellent travel companions for your round the world journey or weekend backpack trip. Here are five reasons to make room for an ultralight travel hammock in your pack:

What no rooms left in the hostel? How about I just give you 5 bucks and rig my hammock in those trees over there. A travel hammock is just as good as carrying a tent, you always have a place to call it a night if need be. This summer I met a guy biking across the US and he didn’t even carry a tent. He used a hammock every single night and if he couldn’t find a place to set it up, the hammock doubled as a nice ground cloth. Some travel hammocks are designed to sleep in and even come with a mosquito net and rainfly.

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  • 5 Reasons to Make Room for a Travel Hammock in Your Backpack

    Despite being lightweight, the fabric is extremely strong and dries quickly. In addition, the Colibri travel hammock can double as a practical picnic blanket in just a few easy steps.

    When traveling, I make sure everything in my pack has multiple functions and a travel hammock has a variety of different uses on the road. It can be rigged up as a sunshade, used as a ground cloth or blanket, as a pillow in its travel pouch, or you can use it as a backpack cover during freak downpours.