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is love this hammock. Took it camping and it was a great addition to have as a place to relax or even to spend the night in. super easy to set up and look forward to using it more this summer. get the best price for Trek Light Gear Single Hammock (Aqua/Charcoal) The Trek Light Gear Single Hammock is the portable hammock solution you've been looking for. The ultimate combination of lightweight portability and comfort, the Single Hammock measures 5 feet across and 10 feet long , holds up to 400lbs and weighs only 16oz (1lb). Made from an incredibly durable parachute nylon material, Trek Light Hammocks will never rot or mildew and are designed to be extremely breathable and lightweight for all of your hammocking needs. Whether on the road, on your next hike or just around the home, the Trek Light Gear Single Hammock will get you off the ground!

Lowprie Trek Light Gear Single Hammock benefit : Bought a single hammock for my son so he could accompany his daddy, who owns a double Trek Light hammock! This is a great hammock! No regrets!!

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Lowprie Trek Light Gear Single Hammock My kid got this to sleep in at night. She loves it. It is very sturdy and comfortable. We keep it in doors. If you were looking for an out door hammock I would find one with a zipper net to keep bugs out. This one is perfect however for the indoors.

is This hammock is great. It is light weight, easy to set up and really big. I highly suggest it for anyone looking for a comfortable way to relax...at home or while camping. the cheapest Trek Light Gear Double Hammock (Green) online The Trek Light Double Hammock represents the perfect blend of comfort and function in an extremely lightweight and portable design. The Double Hammock isn't just about fitting two people (though you can certainly do that too). If you're planning to sleep in your hammock on a camp trip, napping in the yard or even as a full time bed at home, the Double is designed to be the best hammock for a full night's sleep. The key to sleeping in a hammock comfortably is to lay at an angle across it so you're able to lie flat - the Double gives you all the room you need to lie flat and comfortable for a healthy hammock experience. If you do like to share your hammock with a friend the Double won't let you down. Even better, the hammock conforms to your body so you won't be swallowed up if you're using it alone, but there's always plenty of room for two. The Double hammock holds up to 400lbs and only weighs slightly over a pound (20oz) in the pouch. When packed, it's scarcely bigger or heavier than the Trek Light Gear Single Hammock and provides you with the best possible hammock experience at home or on the trail.