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Tentsile Trillium Hammock - Green Fabric


Large Triangle Handmade Corner Hammock Net | eBay

These hammocks are sturdy and beautiful. Here are Bob’s triangle hammocks and an up close shot of the detail of his square! (the bottom of the hammocks are a durable fleece so you could use either side you wish. I like the fleece for the sturdy backing but prefer to use the decorative quilted side for the show.)

The project was once more in conjunction with Chris, with whom we „invented“ the triangle hammock. The picture on top shows the first version of the triangle, which was super sturdy and pretty bulky. At that point we were not really sure on how big the tension on the fabric will be and went with a stronger material. I did a serious refinement which resulted in a much lighter system, where the tightening mechanism was improved a lot as well. I will now only present this latest version.

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How to make DIY camping hammock suspension triangles: MYOG

That was my initial plan but I noticed that no other manufacture of this type of hammock used catenary cuts so I began contemplating the reason for this. I came to the conclusion that traditional bridge hammocks work so well with catenary cuts because the material at the head lays further away from the webbing vs the distance from the hips down from the webbing. With a triangle hammock that uses high tension the material at the head is brought upwards and the catenary cut wouldn’t be effective. But danget! Now that I am envisioning it in my head again nothing that I just said makes sense, hahaha. Now I am envisioning a catenary cut that is very deep near the torso and shallow near the feet and I don’t see why this wouldn’t be better. DARNET! Maybe it would be a lot better!?

Yup, I have browsed Tensile Tents in the past. The “Triangle Platform Hammock” is actually much more similar to the Treez Tree Tents. The Tensile Tent is, IMO, just a heavy play toy that can not be used by actual adventurists (except in the advertisements, hahaha).