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Homitt 2 Person Outdoor Camping Hammock Set with 2M / 6.56FT Hammock Tree Straps & 2 Solid Carabiners for Travelling, Hiking, Backpacking, Motorcycle Trips, Beach or Mountain - Green & Grey


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last question: I’ll be also building a large tarp for our two hammocks do you think 4 x 3 meters is large enough to cover two hammocks side by side? probably from 3 trees and not both on the same trees in the bunk bed formation

If you are new to hanging, I would first master hanging separately. Hanging two hammocks side by side is not difficult and is actually my recommendation for any couple looking to hammock together. You can share a tarp to save weight, and two hammocks with built in bug netting can be lighter than trying to get a bug net to cover both.

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Table of Contents
  1. Introduction
  2. Cord-Based Systems
    • 2.1. Connecting Cordage to Hammock
      • Detail: How to Larkshead Cord to a Hammock
    • 2.2. Connecting Cordage to Tree
      • Detail: Combining Tree Huggers
    • 2.3. Garda Hitch with Ring Buckles
  3. Webbing-Based Systems
    • 3.1. Connecting Webbing to Hammock
    • 3.2. Connecting Webbing to Tree
    • 3.3. Ring Buckles on Webbing
    • 3.4. Cinch Buckles on Webbing
    • 3.5. Tri-Glides on Webbing
  4. Advanced Hanging Techniques
    • 4.1. Two Hammocks Under One Tarp
    • 4.2. Hanging in Trail Shelters
    • 4.3. Hanging with Rock Climbing Gear

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Loving your work. Can I ask, do you know of any ways that two hammocks can be hung together side by side? I’ve seen Dutch’s double hook but I wonder if there is a DIY approach?

I haven't tried it yet, but I'm wondering if there are any tips, tricks, photos, and advice that you all might have on setting up two hammocks under one tarp.