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I was sent the Hammock Tent 90° Gamma UL Hammock as a research sample, with no obligation for a review. I’ve considered posting a review on this hammock for months, considering how best to write about it. It truly is a very unique and interesting approach to hammock camping. What is also amazing to me is how light they have made this hammock. Usually, hammock designs that veer away from the simple gathered-end approach suffer from “feature bloat” or material requirements that can add significant weight to the kit. The Gamma UL is surprisingly lightweight, yet is fully featured with a zippered bug net, pad sleeve, and a unique 90° sleep angle.

In this post I will assume that cost is no object, and present an ultralight modular tent, ultralight tarp & bivy, and ultralight hammock to establish the lower weight bounds for these systems while still ensuring baseline defense against precipitation, insects, wind, and groundwater.

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    This design uses flat, non-gathered ends that are reinforced with a spreader bar. The resulting hammock shape is more of a flat, trough-like half-tube, versus the curved banana-shape (but not sleeping position) of a gathered end hammock. The bridge hammock provides a flatter sleeping position than the gathered end hammock, with less fuss and body adjustments, too. However, it has two potential drawbacks:

    The Hammock Tent 90° Gamma UL Hammock is very similar to the EXPED Ergo Hammock Combi and the Amok Draumr. The basic design concept really goes back to the traditional Mayan and Brazilian hammocks that are large enough and hung deep enough to allow you to sleep at near 90° from the axis for a comfortably flat lay. The hammock has been engineered to reduce fabric and weight by replacing much of the hammock with string nettles. This not only reduces the weight and bulk, but also improves the views across the hammock.