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The Blaze under quilt is a full-length down-filled quilt that drapes under the hammock. The construction is basic but has all the features you’d expect in a hammock under quilt, including differential baffles so that the quilt can be pulled tightly to the hammock and still allow for full loft underneath. It is important to hang a quilt with differential baffles correctly otherwise you could inadvertently compress the insulation. The Blaze is built with one side made from a bright color and the other a slate grey. The bright color is the inner fabric and should face the hammock.

I took an extra sleeping bag with me and draped it up underneath the hammock. This kept the wind away and trapped my heat in. It worked pretty good. I could have used a warmer sleeping bag inside the hammock, or brought a pad for more insulation underneath.

Live and learn.

This hammock swing not only give you the illusion of ..

  • Mittagsfrost says:

    Derek, in the section “ridge lines” I detected a little mistake. You wrote “With the ridgeline running under the hammock, it also provides handy points for clipping gear to air dry, or to attach a bug net.” I’m sure you mean “under the tarp”.

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    You actually sleep better with your feet slightly higher than head in a hammock, this is also known as a peapod, most hammockers use an underquilt which is similar concept but just for under the hammock.
    Problem with peapods and aus is not really great with a burnet hammock...

    A lot of the need for bottom insulation is the movement of air under the hammock. The bridge freezes first effect. What if you had pieces of fabric hanging from the sides of the hammock, to the ground, that blocked or at least reduced the air flow under the hammock?