Prodyne Beechwood Fruit & Vegetable Hammock

Prodyne HH-360 Under Cabinet Fruit and Veggie Hammock


This beechwood stand features a nylon mesh hammock and metal hooks

Vintage banana, fruit or vegetable hammock / wooden display stand. Great to keep those healthy snacks readily available! I got this in the 1990's and found that fresh fruit ripens more readily and is less likely to bruise when placed in the fruit hammock. Also, what a fun way to display your bananas and a great conversation piece in any kitchen.

Fortunately in this case, this product doesn’t have to do with any sort of swimsuit. The Beechwood Fruit & Vegetable Hammock selling at Bed Bath & Beyond sells for $20. Fresh fruit ripens quicker when it sits in a hammock. The net is washable too.

Fruit/vegetable netting display hammock US D375021 S

Twin Palms Fruit & Vegetable Hammock
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Banana Hammock For Fruit & Vegetables