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Quick Tips: Stay Warm When Winter Hammocking

So after the DownHammock, I was thinking...for warm weather I only need a little bit of insulation. I had some extra .8" Primaloft in the closet, and with Primaloft I wouldn't need baffles. With such thin insulation using down, I'd need several baffles to keep a uniform thickness and prevent cold spots...so the weight savings of down over synthetic is marginalized, and the bulk isn't too much of an issue when it's already so small. So I decided to try another WarmHammock.

My next step was the . This was good enough to prove the concept but still had some difficulties. I fixed them so it's a usable hammock and will probably keep my underside warm to at least 20 F, but I have an idea that I think will work better for my next model...and even better than this WarmHammock, but I'll get to that in a second.

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  • Synthetic Insulated Hammocks. If you want a compressible (and breathable) insulation for your hammock, you can build one with integrated insulation, like my PrimaLoft WarmHammock that I based on Risk's design.

    Vick made an insulated hammock with Polarguard 3D. The insulated section is only 24"x78", but he sewed it diagonally onto the hammock body so he doesn't get cold shoulders or hips. The entire insulated hammock weighs only 20 oz including the hammock supports and snakeskins.

    Integral Primaloft insulation on a Speer-type
    (WarmHammock Directions)

    Vick's Polarguard 3D Hammock
    Photo by Vick

  • Hammocks and Hammock Sleeping Systems ..

    WarmHammock v2 turned out much better than the first prototype! And I kept track of the measurements this time so I'd know what size to make the undercover in case it needed adjustment. Details below, and a critique of synthetic insulated hammocks follows.