This water hammock pool float is also maintenance free.

Poolmaster Pool Float 07433 Floating Water Hammock Lounge - Green


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Water Hammock Pool Float -$89.95- Sitting up or lying down, it's like floating on a cloud Buoyant and lightweight, the Water Hammock has floatation pods at both ends to keep you upright and supported, whether you want to use it as a water chair or as a full body lounger. Hammock is made of closed cell foam and pods are recycled foam. Grommets let you hang to dry.

And now for some short reviews of the best rated entry level for sale online. We are mostly going to be looking at Kai Water HammockSwimming Pool Float.

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Hello ecwr,Thank you for inquiring about the Swimline Premium Water Hammock Pool Float. Swimline's products are made in China. Thank you for shopping with us.

Thank you for your inquiry regarding the Premium Water Hammock Pool Float. Yes, this is an inflatable item, so it does need to blow up. I hope this answer helps you.