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Deluxe Aqua Hammock Pool Float - 48 in. x 27 in. - Blue


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Looking a lot like the sail of a ship, the Wave Hammock has such a small base, it appears to be floating in midair. Designed by Erik Nyberg and Gustav Ström for Royal Botania, the hammock has a semi-transparent canopy that blocks 86% of the sun’s rays.

Ergonomically shaped, the Urban Balance Wave Hammock also makes a nice style statement for modern yards and gardens. It’s got an aluminum frame covered in woven wicker and comes with a colorful pillow.

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    Cross braces 4 may also have shapes other than straight as shown in the preferred embodiment of the figures. As an example, the cross braces can be bowed downward so that the wave hammock contains a broad, shallow depression in its center line. The material of hammock bed 5 can be made to follow the lines of the bowed cross braces. The overall effect would be to have a depression in the overall shape of the hammock running through the center of the hammock along its length, similar to the shape of a traditional hammock when a person is using it. A user would fit into the depression, which would provide additional stability.
  • Blue Wave Aqua Hammock Foam Swimming Pool Float

    1. The WAVE, Royal Botania's WAVE hammock features an elegant and simple design. Daintily balanced on one pole, the WAVE looks suspended in midair. Its overarching cover and circular design make it unique, and its cushy bed-like hammock apparatus makes it a sublime summer hangout place.

    The Wave is a new from Belgian company Royal Botania. Imagined by two Swedish designers, this innovative and luxury hammock design aims to recreate the concept of outdoor furniture. Elegantly holding itself on one leg it looks like it’s about to fall … causing great curiosity and a unique feel of unexpected … yet it proves to provide a cozy atmosphere for a person inside. Under the canopy, made to block 86 percent of the sun rays, there is always shade that you will enjoy… similarly to how you would in the shadow of trees. Pictured at the ocean, it’s the perfect place for this unusual design. Looking fabulous with its modern rounded forms, the Wave hammock from European outdoors to you, by .