Whoopie Sling Hammock Suspension



Whoopie Sling Suspension I just ..

This is my 2mm Dyneema DIY Whoopie Sling Hammock Suspension System
2 - 6' long Whoopie Slings
2 - 12" long Utility Loops
2 - 3" prusik loops
and 2 Soft Shackle Prusik's

All made with inspertion from the members of hammock forums
Thanks all

Someone mentioned "Whoopies Hammock Park" for a meal on the cliffs. Does anyone have more info about it? Food type, quality, price, etc. What's the "hammock" part about? We'll be stayng at TP from 4/9-4/13 and looking for good meal options. I've found some great recs and info on other dining spots on the cliffs (from this forum)...........but not Whoopies. Love the name:-)!!

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