Zaza hammocks by @Robyna רובינא inspiring.

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Zaza Hammocks swing Robyna Andraus

In our travels around hotter parts of the world, we've often admired the swings and hammocks parents use to nap their babies and toddlers outdoors. If you've ever considered creating a cool daytime nap area for your baby, the Zaza hammock is a lovely option -- and it's adjustable (and sturdy) enough to convert to a play hammock and swing for bigger kids. It's also lightweight enough to be schlepped along to the beach or on camping trips, and it comes with its own carrying case for just that purpose.

ZAZA hammocks are made from recycled cotton fabrics, heavy duty ropes and carabiners, and comes with extra ropes, a carrying bag and hanging instructions. Many hammocks are reversible and cost $70.

ZAZA Baby Hammock, Toddler Swing | Product Review

Zaza Hammocks swing - Duration: 2:45

I would have loved to have one of these in my room when I was a kid. Or outside. Reversible ZAZA hammock Africa and bottle green by ZazaHammocks on Etsy!, $85.00

Who doesn't love a nap in a hammock on a nice summer day? Growing up we found hammocks to be great magical escapes: day dreaming in a backyard, relaxing on a front porch or even playfully suspended above a friend's bed. We think these ZAZA hammocks from Etsy seller, Robynas, has taken the joy one step further with fun vintage fabrics...